Why THIS is the Matte Lipstick to Try

Here at A Grim Sense of Style EVERYTHING I say, share, and wear is meant to inspire and empower. I believe that every woman FEELS her best when she LOOKS her best and through this mentality is empowered to BE and DO her best.

Because I truly believe in living out this mission in everyday life, I seek to personally use and promote products and brands who empower us as women to be our very best…which is why I’m SO excited to introduce Sheree Cosmetics to you all!!!

FACT: I am BEYOND selective when it comes to introducing new makeup into my beauty routine.

If I’m super honest, I was skeptical when introduced to Sheree Cosmetics during NYFW at the Caravan Stylist Studio. Being a complete makeup guru, I recognize almost EVERY brand has created their own take on liquid matte lipstick and was convinced Sheree Cosmetics was just another. But truthfully, discovering the Sheree Cosmetics matte waterproof liquid lipstick has been a GAME CHANGER in my makeup regime. I mean, from the moment I slid the mousse filled applicator across my skinny lips, it was LOVE AT FIRST SWIPE!!!

Okay, I’m calming down now…

Y’all know I’m not self conscious over much but my lips…well that’s another story and a long one at that. But here’s the condensed version of what I learned from critical words spoken to me as a teen. NEVER poke fun at a person’s attributes, especially things they can’t change. We as humans inherently hear negative words over positive and they haunt us, sometimes even for years! BUT we have the choice to either dwell on the negative OR love and highlight our qualities. Though the negative voices can still creep in on occasion, I’ve learned to love my skinny lips that curl up for a gummy smile when I laugh. And it’s brands like Sheree Cosmetics that empower me to show up beaming with confidence.

Since discovering Sheree Cosmetics I’ve (literally) tried EVERY shade but have found my go-to is the nude/pink/orange shade, Brynlee. This tone is super natural but perfectly pigmented for my very fair skin. BUT I’ve also discovered my love for the bold deep pink/purple shade Imperial (pictured)! I love wearing ALL shades of the matte liquid lipsticks alone OR layered under a sheer gloss. These matte lipsticks last ALL day without peeling, smudging or covering my water bottle or fiance’s face (wink wink). Created by the empowered celebrity makeup artist Tiffany Sheree Hudson Herrmann, Sheree liquid matte lipsticks are pigmented and feather light. They use all natural ingredients like Vitamin E to moisturize lips, unlike other drying matte lip-stains. AND as if Sheree Cosmetics lip-stains weren’t already liquid gold, these luxury waterproof lipsticks are only $12.99! CRAZY, RIGHT?

AND with my code, RACHLips20 you can pick up your favorite shade(s) for 20% off at Sheree Cosmetics.

But why? 2 Reasons.

  1. Sheree Cosmetics waterproof liquid matte lipsticks ACTUALLY do what they say (I PROMISE),taking lips to the next level without the price tag or drying.
  2. Created for women by women, Sheree Cosmetics empowers women by pairing lady bosses with colorful, clean ingredient beauty items lasting ALL day, allowing female focus to be on the right things.

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