Clothing & Confidence

Have the confidence to wear whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want.

So often readers, friends and strangers say to me “I love your outfit but I could NEVER wear that.”

I find this statement SO interesting as I’ve rarely been one to not wear something I love.

But I’ll admit, there was a period of time when my body was changing (before discovering I have PCOS) that I definitely hid in specific shapes and primarily wore only black. I now recognize that during this time I did not feel myself and therefore was the most self conscious I’ve ever been which resulted in a lack of confidence not only in my wardrobe but in my overall being.

If we’re honest, we ALL have moments (whether it be days, months, and sometimes even years) of self. BUT do you know what is powerful? YOU have the power to change that mindset immediately!

Let me explain…

When I find myself questioning me I force myself to ask the difficult question of why. I often discover I’m battling the internal struggle of “am I too short to wear this“, “do these pants make my legs look even thicker”, and my favorite “am I trendy enough to pull this off?” In asking myself why and uncovering these questions, I’ve realized something. The issues causing me to doubt myself are all questions comparing myself to a societal standard of size and style.

How messed is that?! I mean, who wants to be just like everyone else anyway? What fun is there in that?

I love that I have the power to say “Rachel you ARE style” and “no, your legs are NOT too short or too thick.” And my favorite “You ARE the standard.” Because when I make the conscious decision to speak positivity into life, confidence SOARS!

Confidence happens when you accept and admire every aspect of yourself, body, mind and spirit.

Believe me, being truly confident takes time and some days it’s easier to ridicule yourself rather than build yourself up. But regardless of who you’re dating, what pant size you wear, where you live, or general societal standard, what matters most in life (and what you wear) is YOUR opinion.

And news flash, PEOPLE ARE ATTRACTED TO CONFIDENCE. When you are confident, it shows not only in your favorite outrageous outfit you unapologetically wear but in your overall being!


I challenge you, what is that item or outfit you’ve REALLY wanted to wear but allow yourself to talk you out of it EVERY time? I dare you to put it on. Build yourself up with some positive self talk in the mirror. Step out into something that exudes the confidence you have in you. I guarantee if you wear what you want whenever and wherever you want not only will your confidence soar but everyone will ask where you picked up those pieces, too. Because YOU are the standard.

*This purple dress is a vintage piece my Aunt gifted me from her college wardrobe! But check out some similar options here!

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