Life as a New York City Photographer with Victoria Saperstein

Victoria LOVES photography. 

Since high school, she’s been known as the girl with the camera, and despite some devastating losses, has turned her passion into a full-time career!

Victoria works as a fashion, lifestyle, and product photographer based in Dallas, Texas, but (just like any good romcom), her story begins in New York City…

At just 22, Victoria found herself crying in the street after being laid off from her first *REAL* job. But a resilient young woman like Victoria doesn’t stay down for long. Slowly but surely, her love for photography became MORE than just a side hustle as she dedicated ALL extra time to perfecting her portfolio and building her client base. Weekends, lunch breaks… anywhere she could squeeze in a photoshoot, she did! 

But just when everything started looking up, Victoria was blindsided again and was let go from her second job after two and half years. 

Devastated” didn’t cover it – she took it personally. 

And GIRL, this setback could have defined her forever, but with the help of her boyfriend and the empowered women in her life, she bounced back!

Unemployed, Victoria used this transitional period to launch her dream of working as a photographer FULL TIME. She took the leap because, in her gut, she KNEW her place was behind the camera. So for two glorious years full of trial and error, she spent her days shooting families, friends, bloggers and saying YES to every opportunity that came her way! 

But Victoria soon learned: even in the midst of your dream, burnout is REAL

She soon found herself spread too thin and needed a change of pace. The idea of a fresh start in a new city excited her, so she JUMPED at the opportunity to move to Dallas with her boyfriend and never looked back! 

As a photographer, Victoria needs new sources of inspiration for every shoot, but some days, her well of creativity runs a little dry. At times like this, she relies on her community of female photographers she has built over the years to motivate and inspire her! Even during quarantine, Victoria found ways to stay inspired and began to rediscover creativity by trying things out of her comfort zone. Through this experimentation, Victoria’s discovered more channels to explore with her business and has begun releasing editing presets, and has even opened a print shop

GIRL, Victoria is PROOF that success is so often found OUTSIDE your comfort zone! 

Victoria has come SO far since crying in the street! Now she owns her own business and works to expand it every year! No matter the project, Victoria connects with her clients, makes them feel confident in front of the camera, and produces images that represent them perfectly!

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Victoria Saperstein, Fashion, lifestyle, and product Photographer


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