Last Minute Halloween Costume Under $20

Ah, it is the best time of year…that’s right, HALLOWEEN!  I LOVE Halloween (let’s be honest, I love any occasion to dress over the top and go full glam)!  Every year, I attempt to out-do my prior year’s costume, so I truly can’t wait to share this weekend’s look with y’all!

But in the meantime, I have put together a last minute, budget friendly Halloween costume for those who love to celebrate, but perpetually forgo costume prep until the day before (you know who you are).

Halloween Photo2

Halloween Photo3But first, allow me to step onto my soapbox and ask an important question.  Why do we as women ridicule the girl confidently wearing the sexy costume or a costume we consider “basic AF“?  Ladies, we need to build up one another not laugh at each other’s ideas (even if it’s something we wouldn’t elect to wear ourselves).  And let’s be honest, sometimes being a sexy bunny is the easiest costume to pull together on short notice…

And so to clap back at the haters, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

For my last minute friends, I’ve curated the perfect combination of basic and sexy all in one costume…the dancing bunny emoji



Halloween Photo1

And the best part?  This look is made of items already in your closet OR items under $20 for you last minute costumers on a budget.  So my fellow fashionistas, here is to our most empowered Halloween yet!

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