From London to New York- TopShop IT @ Nordstrom

So if you’ve visited A Grim Sense of Style before, you likely know my obsession with New York City.  BUT did you know that before New York there was London?  That’s right. Flash back four and a half years (it’s crazy to think it was that long ago!)- I was living abroad while studying at the UAL: London College of Fashion. I would not trade that experience for the world!

London had its tough moments.  My school was on Oxford Street where ALL the high end retailers were located, so I’m sure you can imagine my struggle as a broke student.  But of course, I didn’t let that stop me!  Like clockwork after fashion class I would pop in the stores to simply collect inspiration.  As a true fashionista I am unashamed to admit this remains one of my favorite memories.

Topshop Moto Skirt

One retailer I particularly ADORE (but could not afford as a student aboard) is Topshop.  The young feel but high-end street style collections at Topshop perfectly define modern British-ness…is there greater inspiration?

Fast forward to the present and not only do I have Topshop in my backyard (God bless New York) but I make the most of my time when shopping at my other fav retailer, Nordstrom.  Since 2007, Nordstrom has carried Topshop capsule collections so of course, they have  partnered for the latest campaign, Topshop IT.  This collection, featuring high-end yet affordable trendy winter wear, celebrates individuality and self expression when its mix matched pieces are paired.

“…we wanted to bring the brands to life. Topshop IT is a celebration of what makes us unique, championing our customer’s individuality, exploring what fashion means to them and how they style our pieces to express themselves,”

David Hägglund, creative director, Topshop Topman

Topshop Moto SkirtFrom the perfect faux furs to bright winter colors, this may be my favorite Topshop collection yet! My take on the Topshop IT campaign includes pairing this stand out Topshop MOTO skirt with a cozy sweater (similar sweater pictured here).

Alongside this confession of my Topshop obsession, I am beyond THRILLED to share that I am officially partnered with Nordstrom to gush over my favorite brands, sales and free shipping!  Past Rachel, living as a broke student in London only dreamt of this day…keep dreaming big, friends!

Below are a few of my MUST haves from the collection.  Remember, when you shop them (or other Nordstrom items) through my Nordstrom link below, enjoy FREE SHIPPING!  Happy shopping and day dreams of London!Topshop It. Discover the new campaign from Topshop at Nordstrom.

Topshop It. Discover the new campaign from Topshop at Nordstrom. FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

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