3 Winter Coat Styles Under $150

Let me be honest-I picked up this jacket on sale last winter season but isn’t she a beauty?  Throughout the chilly months over the past year, I’ve received countless compliments and questions on the faux fur leopard coat so I’m excited to finally share it with all of you!  BUT not only am I sharing this trendy fur, I’m also leaving a list of my favorite winter coats at the best prices for the chilly weather.

Plus, stick around for some tips on exploring one of my favorite NYC views!

Leopard Coat Photo 1

Faux Fur

To start, I’m a sucker for anything fur and believe it is a staple in every wardrobe.  Whether dressing up an everyday look  (I promise it will instantly make you feel 100x more glamorous) or the perfect piece to complete a holiday dress, faux fur is the way to go! It is also the warmest layer while maintaining a chic appearance.  The best part, you can often find faux fur winter coats for less than $150 AND it is a piece you will wear for years to come!

Wool Robe

I don’t know about you but I absolutely despise feeling bulky in a winter coat. That is why I’m obsessed with the wool robe jacket this season.  The longer length, warm but not full wool material, and straight cut of this coat flatters the figure without constriction of movement (flash backs to A Christmas Story). AND even better, all of these styles are under $100.

Quilted Fluffy Coat

And speaking of fluffy jackets from A Christmas Story, here are a few trendy fuller quilted coats in longer lengths for those of you facing serious winter weather this season!  They also ALL fall into the under $150 category!


Now (as promised) a peak into my favorite view of my beautiful city!

New York City is so incredibly large and there are countless fantastic skyline views from the Brooklyn Promenade to Governors Island and more!  But what about a view from INSIDE the city?  Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Courtney of  Mimosas & Manhattan, my visiting family and I ventured to the Top of the Rock for an unbelievable 360 degree view of NYC…it did not disappoint!!!  In fact, this view has nabbed the number one position in my list of best New York City views.  In the words of my fiancé “the city somehow feels smaller from up here” and he is so right! It is amazing to look out over such a vast city and recognize the role you play within it.

NYC Skyline

So whether you’re dressed in a fabulous fur overlooking NYC or wearing a warm wool out and about with friends in the suburbs, always show up as the best version of you.  You’ll be amazed as you inspire others to do the same!

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