2 easy items your spring wardrobe NEEDS

Spring things I’m loving RIGHT now.

There’s just something about spring in the city. Perhaps it’s the fact that I moved to NYC in the spring (that’s right, it’s almost my New York birthday!). Simply put, spring is easily my favorite time of the year here! I know that’s a bold statement but think about it—it’s not too hot to layer or too cold to dine outside. And EVERY New Yorker is out and about with a smile on their face! How can you not love spring time in the city?

However spring does have ONE downfall—bringing with it the need for NEW. Sure I love the new blossoms and new inspiration but NOT the need for an entirely new wardrobe!

Because I know it’s impractical to have an entirely new wardrobe for the start of spring, I’ve curated just TWO must-have items to keep your look fresh through spring AND moving into the summer season, too!

White Bottoms

White pants are a religious sunny season go-to. You all may remember I shared last year that I shied away from white pants for the longest time because, well, past negative comments stick with you. But after discovering how much I truly LOVE my thick legs in white bottoms, I can’t get enough of them! I particularly like that wide leg pants and culottes are currently trending ESPECIALLY in white! White wide leg denim bottoms have a way of dressing up an otherwise classic blue denim outfit while simultaneously cooling down a look (and YOU) on warmer days.

EXACT ITEM $29 Shop Here: https://shopstyle.it/l/2qg7

Tip: If you’re not quite ready to conquer the white bottoms trend, opt for a wide leg in a color you feel MOST confident and comfortable in!

Bold & Bright Statement Colors

One of the BEST things about spring is not only the reintroduction of color through beautiful blossoms but bold, colorful outfits too! Colors specifically trending this spring season include brights reds, pinks and light purples, as well as neon tones. Each of these colors not only partners perfectly as a top to white bottoms but also as an accent accessory (perhaps earrings and handbag) or even as a bold lipstick or eyeliner option! Personally I love pairing multiple bright and bold pieces together in ONE look to compliment each other. Unsure where to start? Pair pink and red or purple and neon oranges with a white bottom for a unique but chic spring style.

So that’s it! Just two easy and chic spring style tips to refresh your wardrobe (and mine) while staying on budget. What spring trends are you most excited to try?

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Wishing all of you the sunniest season of all things new!!!

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