My 3 Tips to Goal Setting & Achieving

If you’ve ever attended a Ditch the Clique event with me, are a frequent reader here, or follow me on Instagram, you probably know I’m ALL about setting achievable goals!

And you know goal setting is easy, but ACHIEVING those goals…THAT is the hard part.

Truth be told, I’ve experienced MANY missteps before discovering the path to “easy” achieving. And GIRL, I want to save you those missteps. So here are my 3 tips to goal setting AND achieving.

First, make a plan.

When I FINALLY realized a dream broken down into an actionable plan becomes achievable, well let’s just say that was a MAJOR game changer for me! I believe ANYTHING is achievable when the means to achieving are mapped out, step by step. For me, this looks like setting smaller daily and weekly goals to achieve a larger monthly goal, contributing to the OVERARCHING dream! There’s just something about achieving smaller parts of the plan that make achieving your goal so much more attainable.

Then, hold yourself to it!

So yes. I believe MAKING a plan is crucial to achieving a goal. But the KEY to making this plan is holding yourself to it. I’ve found the BEST way to hold myself to a plan is by writing it down step-by-step. Simple right? Well there’s a bit more to it…
Physically writing out the plan to achieving my goal allows a space for checking off and celebrating my success! And when we celebrate our success (even with something as small as a check mark) we are SO much more inspired to keep achieving!
But that’s not even the best part! I personally find unbelievable inspiration in the women around me, so I always share my goal (and the path to achieving it) with my business bestie for additional accountability. Plus, it’s always more fun to celebrate achieving a dream with a supportive circle!

Looking for a circle to hold YOU to your goals? Learn more about Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY here!

Decide to start TODAY

It may sound easy, silly, and cliche, but simply getting started is often the HARDEST part in achieving goals. My suggestion is to just START! So when you make an actionable and achievable plan, don’t set yourself an unattainable or complicated first step. REALLY break it down and set yourself a step one that you can start NOW. Remember, when you start you’re automatically THAT much further ahead!

What goal are you setting for yourself today?

And GIRL, if you want MORE of THIS (this being a community of women inspiring and empowering you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE while you go after your DREAM life), join Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY today!

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