What’s Wrong With Being (Body) Confident?

by: April Hooper

Ditch the Clique is ALL about confidence. And for women, BODY confidence is everything! Whether at events or on our social platforms, here at Ditch the Clique we work to remind every woman that her size and appearance have not hold over living the life she dreams!

Our SheEO Rachel K. Grim is fearless and honest with this message. Even as things change, she doesn’t let that stop her from being confident in her own skin! In this way (and SO MANY others) Rachel empowers the Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY and ALL the women around her to live confidently! And GIRL, The BodCon thinks so, too! To recognize body confident women and small businesses like Ditch the Clique, the BodCon created the Impact Grant. This grant allows one impactful person to further build their brand while spreading body confidence and self love to even more people! Because of Rachel’s dedication to inspiring women of all ages, races, sizes, and careers, Ditch the Clique is one of the six finalists shortlisted to win alongside the other nominees who also do great work in creating safe communities that breaking stereotypes.

But in order for Ditch the Clique to receive the Impact Grant, we need YOUR help.

That’s right! The winner is voted on by YOU! So head to thebodcon.com and scroll to the bottom of the page to vote for Ditch the Clique. Your vote will allow Rachel to expand Ditch the Clique and make an even greater impact on this community! Specifically this grant will allow Rachel to keep the DTC Community accessible by funding even MORE free events (while also expanding her reach with paid marketing strategies!)

This grant has the power to take Ditch the Clique to the next level! So if Rachel or the DTC COMMUNITY have inspired or empowered YOU, would you consider taking 30 seconds out of your day to vote for Ditch the Clique? Voting closes Saturday night, Feb. 20.

And while you’re at it, check out the other nominees and their communities for more body confidence inspiration!

The BodCon is a 1-day virtual event that is focused on body confidence and radical self acceptance. With dozens of speakers and panelists, BodCon 2021 forms community and connection that will forever change how you view your body. Join Rachel and the DTC Community at the virtual BodCon Sunday, Feb. 21 for just $49 when you use code TBCFRIENDS!

who is the author, April?

April Hooper is a public relations student at Messiah University, minoring in marketing and gender studies. She always has a coffee in hand and is rocking a thrifted outfit with handmade accessories. When she graduates, she dreams of living abroad, owning as many cats as possible, and writing for a living. 

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