Let’s NOT return to “Normal”

I can hardly believe it! New York City has officially entered phase 3 of reopening! Social distancing rules are a bit less strict and salons, shops, and even outdoor dining are welcoming guests again! Slowly but surely, life is seemingly returning to “normal”…

But “normal” is not okay…

Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED for the businesses in my community to reopen, and to once again experience the simple joy of hugging my friends and family.  But there is so much more to the “normal” life we were living PRE quarantine that we simply can not return to.

You see, returning to “normal” means returning to a world of injustice and racism. It means returning to a life where work-life-balance is NOT balanced. It means treating human beings unfairly for simply being human! It means less time for the things we’ve realized REALLY matter. As difficult as this season of life has been for you, me, and EVERYONE, it has provided us the opportunity to rest, reflect, and realize so much. And in this stillness we’ve literally been FORCED into, we have made some MAJOR moves. My friend, over the past few months we have successfully transformed pain into HOPE and PEACE for SO many people.

And GIRL…can we agree to not stop here?

Let’s just screw “normal” because “normal” was NEVER working for us! And as life attempts its return to “normal”DON’T. Instead, let’s enter into this new phase of life willing to listen and learn, willing to slow down, willing to stand beside and fight for what is right and for what we believe. Let’s agree to begin REALLY living life in a way only each one of us uniquely can! Who wants to be normal anyway?

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All photos courtesy of Joshua Lindquist of @quistpix_photography

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