Tips to Getting Inspired When You’re in a Creative Rut

I don’t know about YOU, but for me, there is nothing more damaging to my work and mindset than finding myself in a creative rut.

And regardless of the work YOU do, a creative rut is likely taxing to you and your work too!

But how do you get out of a creative rut?

Throughout quarantine, I’ve found myself in a creative rut (or two) and have successfully found my way out! But not without FIRST uncovering what is stealing my creative energy. And then seeking NEW sources of inspiration.

For as long as I can remember, the streets of NYC have religiously served me with incredible inspiration. Even before I lived in New York, I looked to New Yorkers for style, creative, career, and LIFE inspiration! But with the city (and WORLD) LITERALLY closed, I’ve been forced to look elsewhere for inspiration. Well, technically I’ve looked to the same place but in a different way!

Seek creative inspiration

Instead of finding creative inspiration in the PEOPLE of New York, quarantine has helped me find inspiration in the beauty of this city. The incredible architecture of buildings old and new, landscaping, and FLOWERS! Oh the flowers! If I’m completely honest with myself, I’ve never noticed how many flowers bloom in my neighborhood each Spring…until now. Quarantine forcing me to find beauty and inspiration in the things around me has truly brought me out of a creative rut and launched me into some of my favorite content I’ve EVER created!

Reflect on the initial inspiration

Rediscovering creative inspiration in flowers and nature during quarantine has not only inspired me to create differently but to reflect on why I started creating in the first place. For me, my blog, Instagram, and BUSINESS were all born out of my desire to creatively inspire and empower. When I first started, these platforms weren’t curated…they were simply creative. REALLY thinking about this has helped me to add more unique creativity into my work as opposed to simply doing what I’ve always done or what is “trendy” in my industry.

Do something different

Additionally, reflecting on past inspiration and successes has inspired me to create places other than online and for no one but me! During quarantine I’ve spent time painting, drawing, and collage-ing (just like I did as a teen)! It’s funny…doing so has inspired so much more creativity in my works and LIFE! And best yet? It has me seeing everything with a more artistic eye!

How will YOU use these steps to get out of a creative rut in quarantine and BEYOND? Share with us ALL in the comments below!

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