Keeping Cool in Summer Dresses

Dresses for Summer? …GROUNDBREAKING!

First off- if you get that reference, THANK YOU! But as much as it makes me laugh, it’s true! Now that NYC is in phase 4 of COVID recovery, I’m spending more time outside and realizing quickly how few lightweight and airy items I have for summer! Don’t get me wrong, I’m stocked with tanks, tees, and summer sets but it would be much easier (and cooler) to not wear pants! Ladies, I KNOW you get me!!! Sometimes shorts simply do not cut it. We need breezy, loose fitting items for those SUPER hot days and summer dresses are it!

If I’m really honest with you, I can’t help but chuckle as a write this because…I NEVER thought I’d be out here recommending dresses! In fact, I HATED wearing summer dresses for a LONG time. I found them to either be ill fitting for my figure (either TOO over-sized or too tight causing thigh rub and NO one likes that), or a not-so-cute pattern! But THIS summer, I’ve solved that problem and want to empower YOU with options that fit your body and budget too!

The Midi Dress

Being a short curvy woman, I’ve been told since day one that midi dresses are NOT for me! Whether it be due to magazines, ads, or social media (and sometimes even my fellow females) for too long I’ve believed the lie that midi-dresses are exclusive to tall, less curvy women. But GIRL, I’m here to TRASH that lie and tell you midi dresses are for YOU too!

During quarantine my curvy friend Rachel Joyce (@youmustlovelife) shared some of her favorite summer dresses for curvy figures and OF COURSE I had to pick up a few. My favorite recommendation by Rachel that has since become a wardrobe staple for me is a mint, wrap, midi-dress! The light-weight material and wrap style of the dress is SUPER flattering not only at the waist, but it’s sexy little front slit flaunts the legs whether paired with heels or slides! And isn’t that the key to the perfect summer dress?

The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is like wearing around your partners over-sized tee but cuter! Though it has been a go-to for me for YEARS, I’ve truly embraced shirt dresses amidst quarantine as a way to be comfortable, cool, and put together too. Though I have a few AWESOME shirt dresses hanging in my closet, my favorite summer shirt dress (that doubles as a top when styled with denim too) is the dusty lavender button up shirt dress. I love that the buttons NEVER gap over my curvy hips, it’s long without being TOO long, and perfectly transitional into fall too! For size reference, I ordered this dress in a large.

The Maxi Dress

Similar to the midi-dress, we shorter curvy girls are often told to shy away from maxi dresses. But GIRL, if I’ve learned anything this summer in quarantine it’s that the rules DO NOT apply (and who made these rules, anyway?) If I’m REALLY honest, this summer marks the purchase of my first EVER maxi-dress (crazy, right?) and it has done everything but disappoint! It’s comfortable for my curves AND looks fabulous? I’ll take it!

What dresses have you found yourself gravitating toward this summer season? What style is next on your list to try?

And GIRL, if you want MORE of THIS (this being a community of women inspiring and empowering you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE while you go after your DREAM life), join Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY today!

Photos by Joshua Lindquist of quistpix_photography

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