happy birthday to YOU

hey GIRL, it’s MY birthday…

or, well…it WAS my birtday but…it’s still Sagittarius season, right?

If you follow along with me on Instagram, you’ve likely learned by now that I’m one of THOSE people when it comes to my birthday. That’s right…I’m OBSESSED! But if I’m being SUPER real with you (like I always strive to be) I was REALLY nervous leading up to THIS birthday, uncertain what it would look like.

Like clockwork, I’ve set REALLY high expectations for birthday’s past. And GIRL, my high expectations were never for ME but on everyone and everything else involved. In the past, the slightest change of plans or last minute cancellation would KILL me and the entire mood of the day. But if 2020 (and a lot of other difficult lessons) have taught me anything, it’s that no one has more control over my life than ME! Now hear me out. By no means am I implying we shouldn’t hold the people in our lives to a standard…we absolutely should! But not if the standard is unrealistic and they’re completely unaware of the expectation! At the end of the day, YOU know the standard you have for YOU! And GIRL, YOUR happiness is up to no one else but YOU!

That being said, you better believe I headed into THIS birthday with no other expectation than to take care of and celebrate ME!

But what does that mean? WELL, This looked like sleeping in (or attempting too LOL), making myself a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast (my favorite!), a beautiful walk around Brooklyn while listening to some of my favorite podcasts, having 3 dozen balloons delivered to my door, treating myself to pizza for lunch, diving deep into my skincare routine, and writing myself a birthday card to open next year!

Though it was all in celebration of ME, when I shared this on Instagram many of you were intrigued at the idea of writing yourself a birthday card. And becasue I firmly believe in providing YOU with empowering resources to live your DREAM, let me explain exactly what this looks like so YOU can do it too!

I believe a birthday is the PERFECT time to celebrate progress and dream big about what’s next! And that’s EXACTLY what this card is for! For me, this looks like writing myself a letter expressing my accomplishments and how proud I am of the moves I’ve made across my business, relationship, finances, and LIFE over the past year! Not only is it a beautiful way to recap, but is the cataylist for manifesting where I dream of being in the next year. And trust me —opening the card and rereading my accomplishments and dreams the following year is simutaneously humbling and oh so inspirng!

Plus writing this card often gets me even more excited for the year ahead, as it helps to reinforce the fact that I have control over my life! And my happiness TODAY reminds me of the incredible shift I can make when I choose to see EVERY day as one I have the power to create! And GIRL, you can tell me if crazy but I’m convinced living life like this is not only a happier way to live but a change-making way of life too!

So here’s to setting MY standard and remembering I have the final say!

And GIRL, so do YOU! 

Oh & thank you for being a part of my journey and this community! Deciding to strengthen this space to positively impact and empower MORE women over the past year is one of my greatest dreams come true! And GIRL, I wouldn’t be here without you!

GIRL — if you’re looking for a way to celebrate YOU the holiday season, RSVP to our FREE Ditch the Clique Holiday Happy Hour! On Friday December 18th 6pm-7pm EST you’re invited to join us in your fave holiday dress or pjs for an hour of empowering conversation, celebration, and goal-getting tips to take into the New Year! RSVP here today!

And GIRL, if you want MORE of THIS (this being a community of women inspiring and empowering you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE while you go after your DREAM life), join Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY today!

who is Rachel?

Rachel K. Grim is the Brooklyn New York based blogger, speaker, and empowerHER behind the event series and online community Ditch the Clique. In 2019 Rachel launched Ditch the Clique to empower REAL women of all ages, races, sizes, and careers with goal-getting resources to live the life they dream! When she’s not scheming new ways to grow the Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY, Rachel can be found eating and shopping her way through New York City, traveling abroad, or watching binge-worthy reality television (with a glass of prosecco in hand, of course)!  

Follow Rachel @rachelkgrim 

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