How to Find Confidence and Inspiration with Kayla Boyd

Kayla Boyd, Buzzfeed shopping editor and curvy blogger, has never not forged her OWN path! 

Dreaming up her own major in college, and spending her entire life in Michigan, Kayla had SERIOUS goals for herself. So it’s no surprise she set her post-grad eyes on New York City!  

After completing her masters in art journalism at Syracuse University and TWO internships in the city, Kayla was hired by a small publication as a lifestyle reporter. Her dream FINALLY felt alive as she wrote about everything from body positivity to Kardashian news.

But getting into the groove of New York City life was difficult for Kayla. With a mice-infested apartment and 5+ roommates, it took her a LONG time to feel comfortable there!  But over time NYC grew on her (I mean, how could it not?). Her next career move took her to the commerce team on The Today Show, which quickly led to  her current job at Buzzfeed as the shopping editor. 

But when not at work, Kayla spends her time blogging from her unique perspective as a curvy, bi-racial woman, focusing on topics like fashion, beauty, and body positivity!  She launched her blog in 2014 as a college student who never saw plus-sized women (ESPECIALLY women of color) represented in the fashion industry.

Her goal? 

To show people that it’s okay to be a bigger, curvier woman of color!  That it’s okay to be loud and wear things that attract attention. That fear and comfort zones can’t hold ANYONE back!

Even TODAY Kayla believes if her work can inspire even ONE person to be more confident in themselves, well…that’s successful!

Like SO many women, Kayla’s life turned upside down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to travel and see her family in Michigan, Kayla struggled with staying home.  And as more and more people began discussing racial inequality and took to the streets to protest, these severe issues weighed on Kayla emotionally.  As a biracial woman with both black and white family, she faced some difficult conversations on both sides. But even as tensions heightened, she stayed positive and found joy in little things that got her through the day. 

These little things keep her motivated TODAY…

For anyone struggling to find that creative spark, Kayla recommends going to new places every chance you get, even if it’s not far away. Because sometimes it’s best to hop on a train and explore. Kayla also draws inspiration for her bold style from other bloggers on social media.  She takes every opportunity to learn more about unfamiliar spaces and people!

Currently Kayla LOVES her job at Buzzfeed — the fun and vibrant atmosphere makes it an exciting place to work, and she wants to continue growing there! But she also plans to expand her blog and personal brand by trying new forms of media and creating different types of content. As she experiments and grows, Kayla doesn’t focus on platform size, but about making a positive difference with the followers she DOES have!  She is happy to bring joy and confidence to people, on ANY scale. 

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Kayla Boyd, Buzzfeed Shopping Editor and curvy blogger


Today's inspiring word is: When you admire something about someone, tell them. Get into the habit of lifting each other up. A kind word is nice to receive and even better to give.  Follow this podcast for a quote of the day, everyday. For more confidence boosting content on your feed, follow your host Rachel K. Grim on Instagram @rachelkgrim
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who is the author, April?

April Hooper is a public relations student at Messiah University, minoring in marketing and gender studies. She always has a coffee in hand and is rocking a thrifted outfit with handmade accessories. When she graduates, she dreams of living abroad, owning as many cats as possible, and writing for a living. 

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