Inspiration in Ordinary Things: Music Edition

I have over 30 Spotify playlists, and that’s only counting the public ones. I dove into the world of music and making playlists during quarantine last year, but I honestly can’t imagine my life without my music obsession. It’s a creative outlet, helps me destress, and fuels SO MUCH of my inspiration. 

Music is powerful because it can make you feel ANYTHING

It’s almost embarrassing how many times I’ve cried to a breakup song even though I’ve never been in a relationship, but somehow, Taylor Swift always makes me relate to her struggles. Songs can make you cry, yes, but they can also put you in the right mood to do work and create something too! They can inspire you to write, dance, or drop everything and travel. If you don’t believe me, just listen to the song “Sleep on the Floor” by The Lumineers. How can you NOT want to take a road trip after that? 

I make playlists CONSTANTLY, especially as a way to avoid doing work. (In the process of writing this blog post, I made at least 3 new ones). But I love it because it’s the easiest creative outlet in the world — you don’t need any materials or skills! I find so much joy from building the perfect playlist and filling it with songs that all have a similar vibe. Then I tie everything together with a fun title, description, and cover image. As I make any playlist, I always discover new songs and artists; it’s a fantastic way to expand your music taste.

For some people, 30 playlists may seem like a FEW too many, so here are 5 playlist ideas that EVERYONE should have: 

1. A playlist that embodies your dream life

This looks different for everyone! I have a playlist called “london streets, a blank page, a cloudy sky” that has songs that remind me of the life I want to live in the future. Sometimes I add songs based on their title or lyrics, other times it’s just about the feeling I get when I listen to them. Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated, I can always shuffle this playlist to remind me what I’m working toward. It makes my dream seem that much closer, and I grow excited about my next steps. 

2. A girl power playlist

If I’m feeling dejected, listening to some Lizzo, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé is the perfect remedy. They are the definition of EMPOWERING. If you’re looking for some female empowerment, check out the Ditch the Clique Playlist “DTC Bops”. Hit shuffle and GIRL, your confidence will soar!

3. A workout playlist

I’ll admit, going to the gym is not my favorite thing, but one of the BIGGEST motivators is my workout playlist. I spent a long time filling it with hype songs that I love, so even though I may not always enjoy working out, at least I get to listen to good music while I do it. In addition, the songs on my “I HATE WORKING OUT” playlist help me keep grinding throughout my entire workout and not give up. 

4. A playlist for writing and working 

Some people need absolute silence when they work, and that’s understandable. Others can only work with instrumental music, so I suggest listening to the soundtrack of your favorite movies. (My go-to is the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack). For me, though, I can listen to almost anything. I have a playlist called “that’s poetry.” full of songs with beautiful lyrics, and listening to this inspires me to write just as poetically. 

5. A sad playlist

We all need a good cry every now and then, and having a soundtrack for your momentary breakdown helps the process along. I have a general crying playlist, but also one specifically for how I was feeling during quarantine when my school sent all its students home and I was stuck inside feeling lonely. For a few weeks, “quarantine depression” was playing on a constant loop in my room. For me, making this playlist was VERY therapeutic and allowed me to process how I was feeling. 

If you scroll through my Spotify page, you will get to know me through my music and playlists. Many of them act as time capsules to who I was and how I was feeling at certain times in my life, and I think that is so valuable. If you’re looking for more playlist ideas or just want to be inspired by new artists, check out my page.

And if you find inspiration in the form of CONNECTION, check out the Ditch the Clique COMMUNITY, where women find one on one weekly accountability chats, empowerment, and inspiration every day! 

Wardrobe courtesy of Brooklyn’s exclusive sustainable collective, Rue Saint Paul. Shop or rent the look HERE.

who is the author, April?

April Hooper is a public relations student at Messiah University, minoring in marketing and gender studies. She always has a coffee in hand and is rocking a thrifted outfit with handmade accessories. When she graduates, she dreams of living abroad, owning as many cats as possible, and writing for a living. 

All photos courtesy of quistpix

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