Don’t Forget to Pack THIS for a Winter Weekend Getaway

WHERE I’m headed, WHAT I’m packing, and WHY I need these to be my best self!

You all know I am OBSESSED with every season and adventure that crosses my New York City path! BUT with spring break quickly approaching (adults spring break too, right?), the idea of escaping this city for a winter weekend getaway is RULING my thoughts lately. So to relax and re-energize I’m heading on an adult spring break, winter weekend getaway to Mount Snow, Vermont!

Just a few hours north of the city, Mount Snow offers a refreshing change of personalities, scenery, and activities. Enjoying a long winter weekend with my fiance at Mount Snow is exactly the change of pace I need! Though it may not be the typical warm spring break escape, I am beyond excited to experience the beautiful landscape, enjoy some of my favorite snowy activities and of course relax in the serenity of Mount Snow Nature Spa.

But before all of the relaxing begins, the stress of packing the perfect wardrobe for the weekend is on my plate! I don’t know about all of you but not only am I an over-packer, I also attempt to begin packing the MOMENT I book a getaway and STILL forget necessities! And I don’t know about you but when I don’t have my necessities, I am completely thrown off! So to help us both out, I’m making a list of likely forgotten must haves for a winter weekend getaway, snowy or sunny!

Lip Balm

Whether it’s spring break in the snow or sun, y’all know I can’t go without my makeup must-haves! But if I’m honest, putting on a full face of makeup for the slopes isn’t my go-to! Following a Rite Aid cosmetic shopping spree, a recent staple added to my daily makeup bag is the Aubio Hydrating Lip Balm. I typically use this sleek, moisturizing lip balm for daily wear protection under my favorite matte lippies, but have found it especially suited for conditioning my dry lips out on the snowy slopes. Fun fact: Aubio is a partner of the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Team so it is quite the match up for my trip! And with SPF 30 protection it is perfect for sunny spring break escapes, too! I definitely recommend Aubio Hydrating Lip Balm as a must-have to your everyday regimen and travel bag!

TIP: A few other easily forgotten skincare items include makeup remover and eye masks!


Maybe I’m alone in this (DOUBTFUL), but I religiously forget to pack socks when traveling! Borrowing from friends or my fiance just gets old. So take this as a friendly reminder to pack yourself sockies for snowboarding sessions or sunny sea-side strolls. One of my favorite pair I picked up for exploring the snowy slopes are these colorful, cozy but not too fluffy socks. They are just warm enough for cold snowy temps but not too thick or uncomfortable in shoes. They also act as excellent make-shift slippers when running around a snowy cabin or beach house.

TIP: A few other easily forgotten intimates include undies and pajamas!

Sun Glasses

Fun fact about me: I NEVER go anywhere without my sun glasses. I am always wearing sunnies, finding myself squinting without them (sunnies help prevent unwanted eye lines too!) This is amplified on the slopes or in the sand where the sun’s reflection is at its peak!
Whether it be 31 or 101 degrees outside, here are a few of my go-to sun glasses that shield those intense reflections, won’t break the bank, and (of course) are super chic!

TIP: A few other easily forgotten items include a toothbrush and razor!

Whether you’re like me and heading out to the slopes for a winter weekend getaway, romping around NYC for a fab night out with the gals, or sunning beach-side, don’t forget your lip balm, sockies, and sunnies….oh and undies, those are always a good idea too! Remember to pack the items that make you feel most comfortable and confident!

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