My Monthly Style Round Up

What I’m wearing on repeat and absolutely LOVING this month!

It is hard to believe fashion month, my favorite month, has come to an end! But with it, fashion does NOT end! FASHION IS FOREVER!

Okay, okay, I’m calming down now.

But seriously…

It seems as though each fashion week season I uncover a huge takeaway applicable to both my closet AND life; this season did not disappoint. I have realized now more than ever that stepping outside of a comfort zone (both in fashion AND life) is where growth and success are found.

Let me explain…

One of my role models in this industry, Caroline Vazanna of Making It In Manhattan, said in a podcast interview “If you feel a little too bold, too bright, or too over the top you’re probably just right for Fashion Week”. I applied this idea when planning this season’s fashion week outfits and realized just how freeing it is to be 100% my outrageous self. Sure, I’ve always been adventurous with my wardrobe, but for so long I suppressed a lot of my fashion taste because of environment. I would question am I really fashion forward enough to pull off THAT trend? Will people SAY they like my look but actually hate it? And to be vulnerable and honest with y’all, when dealing with PCOS induced weight gain, hiding in all black was just easier. But thanks to Caroline’s inspiring words, a fab fashion week and reminding myself the only opinion that really matters is MINE, I’ve started stepping up my experimental fashion game on the daily! Here are a few trends I’m embracing this month, welcoming more boldness into my wardrobe.


Y’all have likely noticed by now my obsession with hats. For me, wearing a hat elevates any outfit to a higher level of fashion; I feel it brings more character to an everyday look. Wearing a hat is also a fabulous way to hide greasy hair on day 4 when dry shampoo just isn’t making the cut (we’ve ALL been there). But unlike my past hat obsession of basic ball caps and black hats, I’m now stepping outside the box in bright berets & wide brimmed felt fedoras! In fact, my current go-to is a bold pastel wide brim that clashes perfectly against my dark hair. Would you dare to sport a hat on the daily? Say to brunch or even to work? I promise, giving it a try will bring you a crazy sense of empowerment, confidence, and people will ask where to pick up one of their own!


In my last monthly roundup post I talked about my new obsession over colorful trousers. Let me tell you that in just a short month, my interest in wearing color has only blossomed from there! The NYFW runways have inspired me to wear bright colors including neon yellow and orange, as well as bold pink and cobalt blue. Colors like these are great for color-blocked outfits or as an accent against everyday black bottoms. Particularly I’ve enjoyed highlighting basic denim with bright or bold long-sleeve tops and sweaters. Because of the number of positive remarks I’ve received from friends and NYC strangers alike, I believe wearing these bolder colors not only relays a strong sense of confidence but also a warm, welcoming personality (let’s be honest, we’re all in need of some warmth!). What color do you love yet shy away from? I challenge you to incorporate it into your wardrobe THIS month!

Sadly this sweater is sold out (proof it is in fact trending) BUT here are a few similar options to transition into your wardrobe!

What have you always wanted to wear but are too afraid? I dare you to try it! My guess is you’ll feel super free, confident and receive TONS of compliments too!

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Photos courtesy of Victoria Saperstein Photography.

One thought on “My Monthly Style Round Up

  1. Neon is so pretty to me and it’s interesting how it’s lasting 2 summers. Normally trends like that come and go. Thanks for this post. @happygirlglowofficial

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