How to Dress for Fashion Week

My tips and tricks to outfitting for fashion week that can be used everyday, too!

*Featuring some of my favorite looks of fashion weeks past!

Though New York Fashion Week is right around the corner (seriously, it’s just a few days away!) my planning has been underway for over a month now. It’s been a lot of hard work, but now it’s time for the fun part. One of my FAVORITE parts of fashion week is outfit planning! Sure, I enjoy putting together looks daily but fashion week provides me the opportunity to showcase brands and trends I love in a unique and bold way!

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Because I’m aware outfitting is not the most enjoyable for everyone, I’ve mapped out exactly how I plan outfits for New York Fashion Week to share with you! PLUS these tips and tricks can be applied to daily outfit planning too!!!

First things first when outfit planning— you MUST know your style. How do you know what to pair together if you’re unsure of your style? So whether you’re dressing for fashion week or even daily life, here are a few tips to defining your style so you can plan the ULTIMATE outfit.

Tip 1: Create a mood board or theme for the week and each day. Whether you create this on Pinterest, utilize the Instagram save feature, or clip images from a magazine, collect photos of items that catch your attention and inspire you. Now review the collection you’ve created. Is it Whimisical? Neutral? Masculine? Colorful? Girlie? When I review my saves, pins and magazine clippings, I recognize a pattern— I continually gravitate to grungy looks, including chunky boots, bold color blocking, and womanized menswear pieces (particularly suiting). Someone once told me my style is “glam rockstar” and my mood board reflects just that! Figuring out what you gravitate towards helps uncover exactly what your style is which is KEY in creating an outfit that confidently expresses who you are.

A peak at one of my many current mood boards…

Tip 2: Take a look back at your mood board and note color selection. What colors have you enjoyed wearing in the past? What colors have you noticed trending in recent collections by your favorite designer, in your favorite store, or on your favorite Instagram account? For example, I ALWAYS enjoy wearing jewel tones (particularly purple and green) as they compliment my dark hair, light skin, and eyes. Through following my favorite designers, I’ve noticed a twist on one of my go-to colors in recent collections—emerald. Because I love wearing colors like this AND I recognize it is loved by my favorite brands, I am DEFINITELY planning emerald into my fashion week wardrobe.

Tip 3: When reviewing your current wardrobe think about the items that not only look great on your body but make you feel great too! Are you most comfortable in a specific material or fit? For example when planning my outfits for fashion week, I recognize that I am ALWAYS hot so I plan layers into each look. This way, if I need to shed my jacket, the outfit is still cohesive. I also know I feel confident and powerful in a great suit so I almost always rock a suit to at least one day of New York Fashion Week.

Let’s recap so far:

From these tips I know that if I create a mood board I will 1. Uncover my personal taste and style 2. Discover colors that are trending and that I enjoy wearing and 3. Figure out what I feel my best in! This is the PERFECT launching point for piecing together a stand out look!

I think it is important to recognize when planning for fashion week (or daily wear) that it is okay to step outside of your comfort zone and even be a bit outrageous! Sure, that may mean mixing in a trendy piece only wearable this season, mixing unlikely colors or patterns, or sporting an odd accessory (hello knitted headbands). But these small additions truly step an outfit up from great to New York Fashion Week worthy.

Now, you’re familiar with your personal style and the color and fit you’re looking to build into your outfit, but where do you find the items you’re looking for?

Tip 1: if you’re in the industry, the BEST way to wear the latest designs to a New York Fashion Week event is by utilizing your connections. Reach out to your favorite brands, the design house of the show you plan to attend, and perspective PR agencies. When you request to wear their designs for fashion week you are offering designers additional coverage of their latest collection; designers want their pieces photographed both on and off the runway. Just be sure to select styles that reflect YOU.

BUT if you do not have those connections and want to dress for New York Fashion Week do not worry! Here are a few tips to finding the pieces you’re dreaming of.

Tip 2: Stop by your favorite popular retailer for items to complete your show-stopping New York Fashion Week outfits. When choosing to shop retailers for fashion week, check out department stores like Nordstrom and Century 21. Retailers like these often carry statement designer pieces at lower prices from designers like Emilio Pucci and Chloe, that are easily interchangeable into a fashion week wardrobe.

Tip 3: If you’re considering keeping costs even lower, contemplate shopping stores like Zara, Shein, and Aritzia. Retailers like these carry on-trend items with unique hemlines and standout colors, which are perfect for New York Fashion Week street style. Forever21 is an excellent go-to for eye-catching accessories. Adding a distinct framed sunny or statement earring to a look completes the outfit, designer or not! Remember, there is nothing wrong with sporting a designer piece alongside fast fashion items OR exclusively wearing statement pieces from your favorite box retailer.

For more on creating a New York Fashion Week look on a budget, check out my guest post on Making It In Manhattan.

A few items I’m LOVING for Autumn/Winter2020 NYFW presentations

ASOS Suit Blazer $83
Shop Here:
Anthropologie Knotted Headband $18
Shop Here:
Boohoo Polka Dot Culottes Jumpsuit $36
Shop Here:
Steve Madden Sneaker $99
Shop Here:
TopShop Cream Suit Trouser $58
Shop Here:
BP Square Sunglasses $19
Shop Here:

BONUS TIP: Rather than buying every item or borrowing from a brand, shop YOUR closet. Look to your capsule wardrobe for staple items like layering pieces and jackets that are mixable into outfits. Last season I worked one of my favorite Ts, my go-to leopard faux fur, and earrings into a NYFW outfit and it felt SO fresh!

I’d LOVE to know which of these tips you are most excited to apply to your wardrobe!

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